Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Headstones Marked With The "N" Word Being Relaced By Prison Inmates

Prison inmates began work on a public cemetery near Sacramento to remove old gravestones that had the n-word carved into them.  The inmates are removing the word from over 36 graves at the Mormon Island Relocation Cemetery.

The graves had been relocated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from a place called Negro Hill to build the Fulsom Dam in 1954.  The n-word was then placed in the new markers for the graves.

The stones now say "Unknown. Moved from Negro Hill Cemetery by U.S. Government, 1954."

"We are providing inmate labor and construction materials to rectify these historically inaccurate and offensive headstones," said California Prison Industry Authority spokesman Eric Reslock.


Anonymous said...

Were the new markers inscribed with the n-word also? Why? Who authorized it? Was this person fired?

This is absolutely inexcusable! We need more details--names...reasons...displicinary actions.... Incidents like this should not occur in the twenty-first century!!! Come on now

Theressa said...

Why were the new markers inscribed with the n-word? Who authorized it? Why wasn't this person's name exposed? ....Questions...questions...questions. There's something terribly wrong with this situation!

This should not still be happening in the 21st century!