Tuesday, June 14, 2011

AreYouSeriousNews: African Woman Forces Young African Women Into Slavery…

african woman

by: PatriceJohnson, Your Black World

This chick is crazy!!!

Bidemi Bello is a 41-year-old woman from Nigeria who is soon to be convicted on charges such as two counts of labor, two counts of trafficking for forced labor, one count of alien harboring and two counts of making false statements on an application to become an American citizen…

Bello lowered two young girls in by promising them jobs and a better life and sending them to America. She promised to take care of the girls, help them get in school and she also promised to pay them for their duties as nannies.

But the girls say that once they reached America they had been beaten by Bello and she psychologically intimidated them…

The women claimed that they were never paid or sent to school as Bello had promised. The girls also claimed that they were not allowed to sleep in beds and they had to cut the lawn by hand, with a knife. The victims were not allowed to take showers and they ate old, moldy food.

According to U.S. Attorney, Susan Coppedge,:

“Both women were brave enough to testify in court…This is shocking behavior going on in a normal-looking subdivision in Suwanee, Georgia… I think there are other instances in Georgia and certainly the metropolitan area.”

Sentencing for these crimes is scheduled to begin on August 24, 2011… Each count of trafficking alone has a maximum of 20 years behind bars and a maximum of $250,000 in fines.

People think slavery is dead and gone? Absolutely not… Now Bello will be a slave to the prison sentence… Smh..

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